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Brexit Round-Up: February 2018

Posted on 05 Mar 2018

Brexit Round-Up: February 2018

In the second of our monthly Brexit round-ups, we curate some of the key talking points over the last four weeks.

Where there's Brexit, there's always debate. February got off to a roaring start with a leaked document which suggested that the European Union wants to be able to restrict the UK's access to the single market if there is a dispute after Brexit.

In a draft section of the UK and EU's withdrawal agreement, which has yet to be finalised, it said the power to suspend 'certain benefits' would apply during the post-Brexit transitional phase before the final arrangements come into force.

And all that got us thinking about the transitional phase which is a time-limited period after the official leave date on March 29th 2019. Also referred to as the 'implementation phase', it's designed to give businesses time to prepare for all the changes. Check out the BBC's quick guide, What is the Brexit transition phase?

Next up was news about 15-year forecasts produced by UK Government officials into three scenarios: the impact of staying in the single market, doing a trade deal with the EU or leaving without a deal.

Revealed to MPs, the forecasts suggested that parts of the UK which backed the leave vote including the Midlands and the North East, would see the biggest slow down in growth as a result of Brexit.

Meanwhile, interesting insights from senior civil servant Barbara Hosking described Theresa May as a marvellous 'good weather' prime minister. Barbara said: "It's a dreadful position for any prime minister to be in, with a divided cabinet and divided MPs behind her. It's sad because she's got lots of good qualities, but she lacks the killer instinct for doing something. It may be that she looks around and feels she can't."

Moving on, Brexit entered the world of the silver screen. Brexit Secretary David Davis said Britain would not be "plunged into a Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction" after it leaves the EU. He also suggested a Brexit deal by the end of 2018 was well on the cards'.

Finally, if you're looking for some light relief from all the Brexit machinations, check out the BBC Five Live Brexitcast for some geeky Brexit gossip. The most recent podcast includes an interview with former PM, Tony Blair.

Be Prepared for Brexit

August 2018
The date phased transition starts to the new Customs Declaration Service

January 2019
The date when phased transition ends for the new Customs Declaration Service.

March 2019
The date when the UK plans to leave the EU

For more information about how Warrant Group can help your business prepare for Brexit, contact Andy Simpson, Head of Business Development.


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