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Getting behind the Northern Powerhouse to generate economic growth

Posted on 29 Sep 2016

Getting behind the Northern Powerhouse to generate economic growth

Warrant Group is lending its support to build a Northern Powerhouse and boost economic growth for northern cities and towns.

The company is adding its voice to the campaign to boost transport links throughout the north to boost connectivity and help rebalance the national economy.

The Northern Powerhouse is a proposal to boost economic growth in the North focusing on the core cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle. It aims to redress the North-South economic imbalance and to attract investment into northern cities as well as build on the strong base already established in manufacturing, science, technology and the service sectors.

Warrant Group will be among the first contributors to a new magazine for Transport for the North, which is a newly formed organisation that is charged with developing a pan Northern Transport Investment Strategy.

The magazine, which will be published this Autumn, will be distributed to key decision makers, major business leaders and political leaders.

In an interview Warrant Group's Finance Director, Lynsey Morrison explains how investment in transport integration and infrastructure improvements would significantly improve freight connectivity.

"Individually each city in the Northern Powerhouse is too small to compete against London for jobs and investment. It is vital that we work together to bridge transport links and reap the benefits of greater integration.

"Continued investment in the road networks in particular the M62 corridor to a four-lane motorway throughout would be extremely beneficial.

"At the moment, a one-hour trip from Manchester to Leeds can take up to two or three times longer which really impacts on timed deliveries. Improved motorways would allow vehicles to do more work in a single day hence improving ROI on a daily basis.

"We have already voiced our support for the Cargo200 initiative, a campaign to attract greater volumes of ocean freight to Liverpool2 to ease pressure on the UK's roads and reduce carbon emissions.

"Liverpool2 will offer ship-to-door access to the heart of the UK market via the biggest container ships in the world and it is important that we have the transport links to match it."


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