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Warrant Group presents blueprint for global supply chain data standards at the United Nations

Posted on 25 May 2017

Warrant Group presents blueprint for global supply chain data standards at the United Nations

Warrant Group was among a delegation invited to the United Nations in Geneva to present a blueprint for globally accepted international standards for a logistics data pipeline carrier.

David Roff, IT Director, was joined by representatives from HM Revenue & Customs to highlight the findings of CORE - a project demonstrating how an electronic data pipeline conforming to a series of standards would help remove risk in international supply chains and create a 'green lane' for cross border trade.

The blueprint is known as the Logistics Data Pipeline Carrier and includes standardised data formats, terms and definitions as well as data collection waypoints.

Central to the research has been Warrant Group's technology platform, the Ingot Portal which provides end-to-end visibility from purchase order placement through to distribution centre arrival irrespective of shipment volume. It means that clients know that shipments match order books, removing risk and helping them create competitive edge.

David Roff explained: "Working collaboratively we have created the outline for a multimodal Transport and Logistics Data Pipeline - a set of guidelines and principles with standardised terms and definitions that can be adopted throughout the world.

"It demonstrates how international trade and government agencies could benefit from visibility, certainty and predictability by all countries conforming to a series of standards rather than working independently.

"We presented our draft outline to delegates at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and received an excellent response with plans to formally create an international standard in the next six months.

"By capturing the right data, at the right time, from the right source can help businesses save money, react faster to market conditions and give them the confidence to deliver innovation and quality."

Warrant Group is also supporting the International Port Community Systems Association (IPSCA) and its Track and Trace Initiative calling on ports to play a greater role in sharing good quality data to provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) of vessels calling to their ports.


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