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Warrant Group strengthens Strategic Partner Network in South America

Posted on 17 May 2018

Warrant Group strengthens Strategic Partner Network in South America

Warrant Group took part in a successful four-day conference in Buenos Aires to boost ties with its Strategic Partner Network across South America.

Members of Warrant Group's Trade Sales Team met with their strategic partners for an intensive round of meetings and workshops to gain insights, build relationships and form a greater understanding of cultural and economic conditions.

John Burnett, Trade Sales Business Development Manager, and Jonny Dempsey, South American Business Development, joined representatives from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, as well as the Dominican Republic and the USA.

Warrant Group's Strategic Partner Network in South America - affectionately known as 'local heroes' - play a vital role in the company's service provision in the region.

The four-day conference, organised by international logistics service provider, Lesacho, enabled the team to exchange news on customs, suppliers and new developments.

It is held every two years with representatives from Warrant Group attending previous events in Chile, Brazil and Houston.

John explained: "The conference was excellent - we could meet people face-to-face and build relationships which is important to help us maintain our excellent customer service levels and on-going success in the region.

"There were external speakers and some really interesting talks, from explaining the situation in Venezuela to what's happening in Brazil.

"The trip is already paying dividends with new opportunities for growth and development in the pipeline."

For Jonny, who joined Warrant Group's Trade Sales Team just last year with a remit for development in the Americas, the trip was an excellent opportunity to deepen his knowledge and understanding of South America.

"Since I joined the Trade Sales Team last year, I've been working with our strategic partners in South America so meeting them for the first time was very important.

"These guys really are our local heroes, even if it took them a while to get used to our strong Liverpool accents!

"I'm looking forward to continuing to strengthen Warrant Group's Strategic Partnership Network in South America."


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