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Meeting the challenges of the container haulage industry in 2019

Posted on 07 Dec 2018

Meeting the challenges of the container haulage industry in 2019

Warrant Group is reaching out to clients to tackle the new challenges in the container haulage industry that are set to intensify in 2019.

The team wants to 'start a conversation' about how to manage the growing pressures on resources that are likely to have a considerable impact on 'on-time' deliveries, budgets and haulage availability.

A major shortage of drivers is among the key challenges facing the industry, which is being compounded by other factors across the logistics and supply chain sector.

Road hauliers are calling for greater flexibility over load and unload times and also a new scheduling timetable so multiple deliveries can be completed within a dedicated period.

Warrant Group's Managing Director Ian Jones said the industry needed to work together and embrace the emerging new landscape.

"We want to start a conversation with clients about how to meet the new challenges within the road haulage industry.

"Pressures on resources are set to intensify to unprecedented levels in 2019. 

"The old ways of working are already rapidly disappearing and unless we act now, 'on time' performance will undoubtedly decrease.

"It requires a new approach and a fresh mind-set among both importers and exporters.

"There will be cost pressures that will have to be taken into consideration and procurement professionals will need to re-evaluate their processes and priorities.

"Our clients need to be aware of these challenges so we can work collaboratively and prepare for what lies ahead."

Key challenges facing the industry

  • Shortage of drivers set to increase to 75,000 in 2019
  • Fewer European drivers coming to the UK to work
  • Road haulage demand outstrips supply leading to pressure on availability
  • Clients need to plan for cost pressures
  • Warrant Group's export teams currently working 7-10 days in advance to secure road haulage availability

Potential changes to container haulage landscape

  • A flexible window for load/unload times
  • New early morning and afternoon scheduling and timetabling
  • Cancellation notice period to shorten and close within 48 hours of booking slot
Please speak to your Warrant Group representative to find out more and start the conversation.


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