What is Changing in January 2022?

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From January 2022, customs declarations will need to take place prior to goods being loaded in the EU or on arrival in the UK. It means you can no longer delay your import declarations.

Border locations receiving goods that are moving into GB from the EU will be able to choose between two models: Pre-lodgement model or Temporary Storage model.

You must know the port and model that the goods will enter the UK through and communicate this to your Customs Broker to avoid delays.

Temporary storage model allows storage at the border for up to 90 days before being presented to customs.

Pre-lodgement model is supported by the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) and declarations must be made BEFORE boarding on the EU side.

You will need to provide hauliers with the appropriate references from the customs declarations to enable them to use GVMS and create a Goods Movement Reference (GMR).

Warrant Group can provide help and advice with these changes to help you avoid any delays.


Goods imported from the EU can be stored temporarily under customs control before they are released into free circulation.

  • From January 2022, an inventory system is required at all temporary storage facilities (including those currently storing non-EU goods).
  • Port Locations and ETFS Warehouses using the temporary storage model must be integrated with an inventory management system (Destin8, CNS, CCS UK, Penant).
  • A Unique Consignment Number (UCN) will be issued for each consignment.
  • It will be the haulier or carrier’s responsibility to present correct information at the export booking stage such as vehicle identification or container number, number of pieces and weight.
  • This will allow the export manifest to be created, which is subsequently used to create the Unique Consignment Number (UCN) on port management systems or ETFS warehouse.
  • Vehicle identification or container number will then be checked on port management system or ETFS warehouse to claim the Unique Consignment Number (UCN).
  • UCN will then be linked to HMRC import declaration allowing clearance and release.


Under the Pre-lodgement model you must:

  • Ensure all goods have the appropriate customs and GVMS declarations before ferry or carrier booking and before boarding.
  • Communicate to the person in control of the goods (eg the driver of a lorry for accompanied goods or the carrier for unaccompanied goods) by the time they arrive at the border, to inform them of whether goods are cleared to proceed on their journey or whether the goods require a check at the UK border.

GVMS is an IT platform which supports the Pre-lodgement model and enables:

  • Declaration references to be linked together so that the person moving the goods (a haulier or carrier) only has to present one single reference (Goods Movement Reference or GMR) at the frontier to prove that their goods have had a pre-lodged import declaration completed.
  • The linking of the movement of the goods to declarations, enabling the automatic arrival in HMRC systems as soon as goods board so that declarations can be processed en-route.
  • Notification of the risk outcome of declarations (ie cleared or uncleared) in HMRC systems to be sent to the person in control of the goods by the time they arrive.

Provided the requirements for customs controls under each model can be met, it will be possible for ports and carriers to operate both Pre-lodgement and Temporary Storage models within one port or border location (a mixed model).


All paperwork to allow import declarations will need to be submitted to Warrant Group through the below URL prior to arrival at EU Export port.

It will allow Warrant Group to pre-enter the import customs declaration offering visibility of the information required to populate the GVMS system. This information can be accessed by carriers and hauliers on the website link below using a unique customer reference number.

For cargo arriving on Temporary Storage, the UCN will be claimed from port management systems or ETFS warehouses and linked to prelodged import declaration. Notification of the risk outcome of declarations in HMRC systems will be notified to Warrant Group and goods will be released or held pending additional information required by HMRC.

More detailed information is available on the Government website. (See page 57 of the Border with the EU: Importing and Exporting Goods document, version Nov 2021)


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