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Meet Andre – Trade Sales Co-Ordinator

Meet Andre – Trade Sales Co-Ordinator Banner

Tell us a bit about you and your background

I’m a proud Welshman, I lived in Wales all my life until moving to Liverpool for university. I did a maritime based degree, which helped me secure my first industry job in a European shortsea carrier. I was lucky to join Warrant Group and have continued learning, and enjoy the fast paced environment that is shipping and logistics.

What hobbies do you have?

I enjoy a variety of sports, but I’ve been really enjoying my golf over the past few years. My other hobbies consist of watching sports, music events and seeing friends.

You have a Dutch surname, tell US a bit about your Dutch heritage

Our Dutch lineage is filled with interesting stories and characters. The family interest in the maritime industry also derives from the Dutch side, as my father’s father was a ship’s captain. 

There are a lot of big football fans in Warrant, do you follow football, if so who do you support?

I support the best club in the world, Manchester United!!

Andre you speak Welsh, If Ryan Reynolds asked you to teach him Welsh what would be the first thing you’d teach him?

Paid a poeni, bod yn hapus – don’t worry, be happy.